KDE Plasma 5.27: the best KDE yet

KDE 5.27 is out, and it's the last release for the Plasma 5 series. It's also the biggest, and the best yet.

The Open Web is dying

We might be the last generation to enjoy an open, inter-operable web. From big tech lockdown and monopolies to internet filtering and alternative webs, the open internet is in danger

Why you need a NAS: your easy private home server

Setting up a home server is probably the ultimate tool to stay as private as possible, but if you don't have the technical skills, or the time, then the next best thing is a NAS: it's not just for storage, it's for everything!

7 better alternatives to Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud

Cloud storage is a vital part of most people's digital lives these days, but why should you keep using Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud, when better and more private alternatives exist?

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elementary OS 7: is it enough to make me switch?

elementary OS was the first Linux distro I really fell in love with. Since then, it's been surpassed by GNOME and KDE, but can elementary OS 7 win me back?

Five years of TLE: what is it like to work as a content creator

In a month, The Linux Experiment will be five years old. The channel, not me. So I wanted to write a lengthy brain dump of what it feels like to make a living as someone creating content. Here we go!

Goodbye Twitter

I've used Twitter almost as long as the channel has existed, but I'm done with it for now. Here's why!