Moving to YouTUBE Full Time: The Journey

I'm finally moving to YouTUBE full time, after more than 4 years of running the channel. Let me take a look at where it all started.

How I use elementary apps for work

I recently showcased 17 apps for elementary OS that you can install on other distros. Here is how I use some of the for my daily work.

Transcripts from the GNOME Theming Video

Some of the talks I had with various members of the community around GNOME and GTK have been really interesting, so here they are.

7 Unpopular Opinions about Linux

There are things you should keep to yourself, and things you shouldn't. No idea where this falls.

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Ethics: on values, money, and life goals

Sometimes it helps to write down what you want to aim for, your values, and your ethical concerns

Why is Ubuntu Getting so Much Hate?

Ubuntu is the 'big dog' of Linux distros, and as such, people love to hate on Ubuntu, sometimes just because everyone does it. Let's see if it's deserved.

Davinci Resolve vs Kdenlive

I've used both video editors extensively, and here are a few thoughts on why I'll be sticking to Resolve for the time being